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MultiPurpose Keeping our children safe

Monitor Your Children's Online Activities

Part of the battle with keeping up with what your children do online is knowing what devices they use to connect to the internet. Do they have a laptop, tablet, smart phone, games console, iPod touch or any other device with internet capabilities? If your child has access to multiple internet devices, is there a way you can limit that, do they actually need all their devices. Limiting your childs devices is a last resort, it;s not fair and it;s not their fault, but currently online grooming is very rife and until law enforcement agencies get a grasp on it, it's down to use to help protect our children.

Its advised you should be having regular talks with your children, find out who their friends are, who they chat to online, have they made any new friends, can you see their chat messages. The dangerous thing is a predator will befriend a child, that child will think they are genuine friends, so its always important to ask about their friends and have a look through their messages.

Online groomers will try to find out as much as they can about you and your child, one way of gaining your child's trust is to offer to buy them things that you can;t afford, or wont buy as they are to young. Paedophiles will offer them money, phones, sweets, game consoles, pets, alcohol, cigarettes, and anything else they can think of to gain your child's trust. They will even become friends with your child's friends on Facebook, they will make out that they know their best friend, or they are a relative of a friend to gain a way into your child's life.

To make life easy, you can download software which tracks and monitors literally everything that passes through a device on your home network. You can even see messages from earlier in the day, see their social media profiles, their phone records, and a lot more. We are not affiliated with the following company, we just simply recommend their protection software based on price and the level of protection it provides Qustodio

Text Language

Even if you read their messages, to understand them you need to be up with all the text jargon, here's our growing list

ADIH: Another day in hell
A/S/L: Age, sex, location
BTDT: Been there done that
CULTR: See you later
GTFO: Get the f-ck out (expression of surprise)
G2G or GTG: Got to go
H8: Hate
ILY or 143 or <3: I love you
JK or J/K: Just kidding
KWIM: Know what I mean?
LLS: Laughing like sh-t
LMAO: Laugh my arse off
LMIRL: Let's meet in real life
LYLAS (B): Love you like a sister (brother)
NIFOC: Naked in front of computer
PAW or PIR or P911: Parents are watching or Parent in room (drop the subject)
POS: Parent over shoulder (can also mean "piece of sh-t," used as insult)
Pr0n: Intentional misspelling of "porn"
STFU: Shut the f-ck up (expression of surprise rather than reprimand)
TMI: Too much information
TTFN: Ta ta, for now (goodbye)
WTF: What the f-ck?
WUD: What you doing
WUU2: What you up to